Chapter eighteen of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter eighteen




Jesus insists, for the third time, that they should begin the construction of the Temple

22-11-1970 The poor soul – Morning: after holy Communion. The familiar voice again.

The Voice – Give me what I desire, what gives me pleasure, according to what I made you understand.

The poor soul – The soul is always uncertain and awaits in silence, not having the courage to speak.

8-12-1970 The poor soul – Feast of the Immaculate.
During Holy Mass the soul feels strongly caught by a mysterious force which doesn’t allow her to follow, as she would, what happens on the Altar.
After Holy Communion, being more strongly caught and having resisted, by fear of being deceived, she feels finally defeated. Then the familiar Voice says to her:

The Voice – I confirm what I have already said to you. Tell my Minister to be confident for everything will be all right, but then, let him begin the construction of the new Chapel for the glory of the Holy Spirit and of my Most Holy Mother.

10-12-1970 The poor soul – While she is offering her thanksgiving, at the end of Holy Mass, for the great gift of Holy communion, she realises that she is no more in control of herself and has to retire in her room. She feels she’s about to faint, on account of the power that submerges her, so to protect herself she provides hereself with same supports. After a few minutes she hears the familiar voice:

The Voice – Haven’t I told you that in this place the Holy Spirit will be honoured… and that it willl become a Centre of irradiation of this cult?

The poor soul – The visit leaves a very strong impression on the soul and she feels at once the need to speak about it to the Reverend Father Confessor.

Jesus gives her a warm advice to have great confidence in His Spirit, because His designs will come true to the glory of the Spirit of Love.

25-12-1970 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Mass and Holy Com-munion.
While the poor creature, all in her heart, tries to make her homage to her God less unworthy as possible in His sacramental presence, she realises that the familiar mysterious power holds her. And, since this action increases constantly and every resistance is useless, she is forced to retire to her room. As she arrives there she is submerged even more: Oh! What a pain!… After fifteen minutes, always more involved in that mysterious action, she is told:

The Voice – I confirm again what I have already revealed to you and I add now to tell my Minister, firmly recommending to have great trust in my Spirit, for it is my will, that this place become a center of irradiation for the glorification of my Spirit of Love.

The poor soul – This visit also leaves a very strong impression on the poor creature. However, as regards the reality of things, everything remains in mystery! So, for safety’s sake, she thinks that it would be better not to give it any value.


Exhortations to build rapidly the Chapel and to give prominence to the image of the Mother of God

30-10-1971 The poor soul – After Holy Communion the little soul cannot meditate for she is attracted by another power. A few minutes pass in this way, then the soul, more conscious of her own nothingness and misery, doesn’t realise what’s happening in her, she struggles to let herself go totally to God, hoping that from him alone will come her salvation. Light comes finally in her and the voice says:

The Voice – Yes, yes! Do build the chapel or a church and in the most convenient size for the glory of the Holy Spirit. At the same time you must take care to give prominence to the figure of my Most Holy Mother as I made you understand some time ago.

11-11-1971 The Voice – Be faithful in mentioning to my Minister what I’ve made you understand… you must build rapidly, a worthy home for the Holy Spirit… and do not forget, at the same time, to give prominence to the figure of my Most Holy Mother, as she is Mother of the Divine Word.


The Temple is mentioned for the first time. The Holy Spirit will descend on it and take a permanent house to bring light and grace to those who will visit it.

24-12-1971 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion. Outside the church, on duties. An unexpected visit.

The Voice – The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Eternal Charity of the Father and the Son, will descend and make His permanent home in this SACRED TEMPLE to give light and grace to everyone who will VISIT it, and it will be a centre of irradiation of the cult which is due to Him.

The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
As soon as the little soul leaves the church and withdraws to a secluded spot, because she felt strongly caught by the mysterious familiar action, the voice says:
The Voice – I have entrusted to you the Work by which the Holy Spirit will be greatly honoured. You, yourself shall never enter it, but it is my desire that your sisters, the Daughters of the Blessed Mother, should be invited, not to accomplish a given order, but so that their presence may bring help and comfort to the Brethren who inhabit the house and everybody may seek and achiew solely the eternal salvation.

The Work already built and to be built, is completely the result of God’s Love. “It will be like a beacon light, of a new light of which today’s world is terribly in need”.

2-1-1972 The poor soul – Morning, around 10:00 o’clock.
While the little creature is alone in a hall, all of a sudden, she is caught and flooded by the familiar mysterious action. She feels then but one need: to appeal and to yield to God, unique and sure salvation… A few minutes pass in this way; then she feels inspired to set to write what would happen later. However, suffering and fear are felt more strongly until, at a certain moment, the soul starts writing in a direct action what comes spontaneously in her heart: “Lord, what do you want from me? I’m ready for everything… but hurry up, because this situation scares me. I’m afraid… I’m afraid of myself…”. She keeps waiting for a period of time.

The Voice – Every thing on this earth makes no sense if it does not have the seal of the hand of God… and that is why I desire that may be started an Work in which everything will be the effect of my Love and where everything will speak and manifest my Love… Later on you will not be here any more, but I promise that everything will be revealed, and the good fruits will be abundant with the help of my grace and because of my sacrifice, the Holy Spirit will be much more loved and glorified… This holy house will be thus a beacon of light, of a new light which the world of today has so much need of…
Now the time has come to speak to you more openly: As I have often told you, I desire your sisters to be invited so their presence become a complement to a New Family where they will bring help and comfort to the various needs of the Brethren… You will also tell my Holy Minister not to be afraid in front of such an impressive Work which will involve so many worries and sufferings, for I will always be with him… As for you, always have in me faith, confidence, abandon to my action in whatever way it will come to you… And also have courage, much courage, my little creature, for my Love awaits you.

The poor soul – What is written above has been done directly under the mysterious action, without addition or omission, the paper then was destroyed for it couldn’t be shown.


The Voice expresses still more clearly the great desire that begin the construction of the Temple and reassures her that the means and His help shall never lack

20-6-1974 The poor soul – After Holy Communion. At the end of the Holy Mass. Unexpected visit.
The mysterious and intimate voice, after being silent for nearly two years, while it previously made itself so often heard, unexpectedly and suddenly, this morning again made itself heard. My surprise was so great that I had no understanding of what was happening in my spirit, I tried to master myself with all my strenght, by fear of being victim of a momentary physical weakness. But everything was useless. I, finally, had to withdraw from the chapel. Coming into my room and feeling deprived of strength, I had to go to bed. It was then that my whole person was invaded by an unexplainable mysterious and painful feeling that reduced the poor creature to a state of great fear. Only the thought that Jesus Christ, my unique hope, will never abandon who confides in Him, gives me the strength to endure and wait. It lasts a few minutes. Then, without being aware of the change that took place in me, while my whole being is in a peaceful serenity, the mysterious voice is heard in the intimacy of my spirit.

The Voice – You will tell, on my behalf, my Minister, that I chose for the glory of the Spirit, to start BUILDING THE TEMPLE, while reassuring him that the means and my help will never lack.

The poor soul – Remenbering that the Reverend Father always says he wants a sign so as to keep going with more assurance, the little creature speaks humbly about it to the mysterious presence and an answer is given immediately.

The Voice – This is the sign indeed.

The poor soul – After a few minutes, the little creature felt herself totally free and was able to rise and go her Community to have breakfast.

24-6-1974 The poor soul – A new visit. After Holy Mass, the little creature realizes she cannot act freely, but this time she can remain in the chapel. While she entertains herself with the Divine Host whom she has in her heart, she is told:

The Voice – I confirm what I told you: according to what is decided in my designs, I wish the Temple to be built, and the Holy Spirit shall descend upon it and make in it His permanent abode for the good of souls.
The little creature:
“May the Lord do what is good”.


Once more the voice insists that they begin to build the Temple to the Holy Spirit, overcoming every difficulty.

26-10-1974 The poor soul – This morning during Holy Mass.
The little creature realises that a new atmosphere invades and fills all her being. Once Holy Mass is over she is forced to retire being unable to resist the strong pressure of the mysterious action which has taken her as a prey.
Coming to her room and feeling still more the pressure, fearing to be the plaything of some deception, she tries to put herself back in the hands of Him whom she has received a few minutes ago and who is still in her heart.
She warmly protests against Him because she wants nothing else but the absolute supremacy of his infinite Love. A little later, the mysterious voice, heard so many times in the past, with a penetrating force on her intimacy, tells her:

The Voice – Give me then what I ask…

The poor soul – A terrible moment for the poor creature! A brief pause and the soul answers: “Lord I’m ready on my part to do everything with the help of Your grace”. Then the voice goes on:

The Voice – Let the necessary land for the whole Work be bought regardless of expenses… let the construction of the Temple start… where I intend to set my permanent dwelling for the salvation of so many souls… and where I desire the Most Holy Virgin be also honoured, the beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit.
The poor soul – The visit lasted 20 minutes but left in the little creature such a mysterious suffering which accompanies her all the time and everywhere.


The Work is so great and so important that no effort must be spared. There won’t be lack of means.

30-11-1974 The poor soul – New visit, saturday morning.
As usual, elevated by the mysterious power, the poor creature, at the end of Holy Mass is forced to retire. In her room she is caught so strongly that she must go to bed. All her being is filled and held with suffering and trouble so that she trembles with fear, but a superior power sustains the poor little creature.
The pain, already so unbearable, goes on augmenting, holding in its strong action its poor and weak prey. Yet time passes… The pain ceases finally for a short moment, leaving her in a peaceful calm. Then the voice says:

The Voice – The Work is so great and so important that to obtain its realization no means is to be neglected and everything that is possible is to be tried. The means will never lack, because it is God’s Work, so it shall always be assisted and helped by the Heavenly Power. But it is necessary that everything must be fulfilled because this is the glorification of the Holy Spirit and for the salvation of so many souls.

The poor soul – This visit lasted more than an hour and was awfully strong. In the course of the day, its action, in different but serious ways, continued its influence.


A new Pentecost is needed for the world is going to ruin, and a new wave of the Fire of the Holy Spirit as well.

5-12-1974 The poor soul – Thursday at 15:30. A sudden and unexpected visit, at an unusual hour.
As soon as she left the doorway and went to the workshop, the poor creature is caught all of a sudden by the usual mysterious force which penetrates and surrounds her totally by its potent action and doesn’t allow her to do her usual work. The soul is much surprised by the newness of the hour and would like to free herself, but cannot. She must yield… After about half an hour of very intimate emotion followed by a suave calm, the habitual voice comes:­

The Voice – I have chosen you… I lead you along the road, carrying you in the arms of my love… so as to make of you a collaborator for the glorification of the Holy Spirit.
The world is going now to ruin… so that it is necessary that a new Pentecost come, a new wave of the Fire of the Holy Spirit who penetrate and warm, with its heat, the hearts of men. It is necessary that nothing be neglected and every effort be made to contribute to the success of this great event without stopping at any sacrifice.
As for you and my Minister: now you know the plan of my designs.