Chapter seventeen of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter seventeen

Chapter seventeen




Jesus teaches how to conciliate a material building with a spiritual Work: “The first worshippers, according to my new Message, will be the dwellers of this fortunate house”

7-9-1968 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
Once Holy Mass is over, the soul is taken suddenly by the familiar mysterious action and forced to go out. After a few minutes, in her room, she finds herself in a still more powerful atmosphere, and she is told in her heart:­

The Voice – This very day you shall write to my Minister.

The poor soul – A few brief moments follow, during which the soul wonders how it will be possible to conciliate a material building with a spiritual Work. A clear answer immediately follows:

The Voice – The first worshippers, according to my new Message, will be the dwellers of this fortunate house.

22-9-1968 The poor soul – Morning: before getting up.
While waiting for the signal to get up, the little creature feels herself slowly caught by the familiar action, and then, at a certain point, she begins spontaneously to cry out: “O Divine Spirit of our God of love who, in your Soverain Power, enlightens, warms and governs all the universe and specially the hearts of your faithful, we adore Thee, we bless Thee, we glorify thee and we love thee for you are our First Principle and Ultimate End, and because only in You and by You every soul will find the way, the truth and life, which leads to the bosom of the Father, thanks to the Redemption of Our Lord Jesus-Christ… O You, who penetrates the abysses and searches the hearts, direct your eyes toward this miserable and tormented humanity, come soon and help us!
We implore you for the glory of the Father and for the triumph of the Reign of Love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Lord! Amen!… And glory be to your vivifying Breath for ever and ever! Alleluia!”

25-9-1968 The poor soul – The little creature is mysteriously caught and forced to exit. Later on being caught more strongly, she hears in her heart:

The Voice – I shall descend and establish my dwelling according to the new Message of my Heart… and it will be the beginning of the glorification of the Spirit of Love of the Most Holy trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You and my Minister remain in confidence and abandonment.


The poor soul is invited to be an instrument, less unworthy, for the accomplishment of the designs of his Love.

27-9-1968 The poor soul – After Holy Mass and Holy Communion, the little creature is forced to go out, and, under a more and more powerful action, she spends a few minutes in such a mystery.
Then at a certain moment, the tender Love of my soul, tells me:

The Voice – Now, I come to ask you that for the rest of your life you seek and search for my greater glory by lowering yourself and by destroying everything which, in you, is still human and worldly so that you may become in my hands, an instrument really less unworthy for the fulfillment of my designs and, then, that the light of the Holy Spirit descend as soon as possible in the Heart of my Minister and make him know by what means he can realise the great plan of my Love…

The poor soul – “My God! Humiliation… destruction of all that in me is still human and earthly, and this, at every moment… I feel completely bewildered… I’m so miserable! O most tender Heart of my Lord Jesus, help me, I beg You! O my God! O Divine Spirit assist me! Amen!”

28-9-1968 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion. At church.
The power of love of my Lord Jesus invades me entirely and permeates me. “O my God… O my infinite and eternal Love!”

The Voice – I shall not manifest myself because of your fidelity or your virtues, but because I’m good and I strongly desire to associate other souls, to realise the plan of my Love for the salvation of souls. I can keep up more intimate relations with them and it pleases me to realise my designs by them.

The poor soul – “O my Lord, really present in my Heart, you know me well… you know everything… I cannot say but this: For the glory of your name do with me what you want! Amen!”


The voice declares that on the day of inauguration he shall descend and establish his dwelling in the Work which shall be the irradiation Center for the salvation of souls.

The Voice – Assure my Minister that on the day of the inauguration I shall descend with the glory and the power of my infinite Love. I shall here establish my home so it may become a centre of irradiation for the salvation of souls. He will be shown the means to realise it, in due time.

The poor soul – Poor little creature, in what state of mind she finds herself now! What torment! What suffering!… What fear of being deceived! Happily there is a gleam which someway brings me relief: and it is the thought that suffering is always a good thing, if supported in the love and for the love of the One who is Eternal Love! To Him, then, honour and glory forever! Amen!

12-10-1968 The poor soul – Evening: during the meditation.
My God! What suffering!… It’s impossible to meditate.
Personal impression: if the will of the little creature aims at maintaining herself on the Paten and in the chalice, to live permanently on the altar with the sacrificed Christ… is it then possible that she can be deceived by false trends?…
If also she always seeks but the greater glory of her Lord in every thing and by the grace of God… is it then possible that she can go astray from the right road? Yet, after the visit of the morning a terrible struggle takes place in me!… Is all this the truly work of our most amiable Lord Jesus? Am I in truth or in error? My God, infinite kindness, uncreated Love… unique hope of my life… help me I beg you! Virgin Mary, most tender Spouse of the Holy Spirit, come soon, help me! Amen!


In spite of human ingratitude, the Voice of Jesus assures that the infinite charity of the Father shall descend again and copiously amongst men to bring them life and salvation.

24-12-1968 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
Again the soul must retire being caught suddenly by the familiar mysterious force. What a suffering! What an intimate torment! The soul doesn’t understand herself any more. Finally the voice is heard:

The Voice – Just as in ancient times I descended from the bosom of the Father among the sons of men to bring them my salvation and, when the time came, I sent them the Holy Spirit by the virtue and power of the Father; in the same way today, I assure you, by my word, that days of great mercy shall come. And the Spirit of infinite Charity of the Father shall descend again and copiously, in spite of so much ingratitude of men, because I am good and I like use rather mercy than justice.

25-1-1969 The poor soul – At church, 12:00. I am crushed again under an enormous burden… and my poor nothingness feels terribly bewildered! “O! My God, remember Your infinite Love for men!… remember Your great mercy… and deign to assist me! O mighty power of Love of our God… O tenderness of the Heart of our Lord Jesus-Christ, come and help me! Do not allow anything that is not to establish the greatest glory of the Holy Spirit. Amen!”


To the Holy Virgin goes the title: “Mother of the Divine Word”.

13-9-1969 The poor soul – Saturday, after Holy Communion. An unexpected visit.

The Voice – In this privileged house, I desire that my Most Holy Mother be honored under the glorious title “Mother of the Word of God”.

19-9-1969 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
The soul is strongly pulled outside of herself and cannot follow her usual way of thanks giving. After a few brief moments of this mysterious atmosphere, the voice says:

The Voice – You will tell my Minister that the time has come to get busy about building the New Chapel according to the directions already indicated.
The poor soul – This visit happened the third day of the Holy Exercises (in the morning). It seemed however that everything got back to normality in the sky of the spirit, with great joy and happiness of the poor creature.

22-9-1969 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
The soul is once again strongly caught by the mysterious action and, after throwing herself totally in the mystery of the most Holy Triad, she’s being told:

The Voice – Give me what I desire… and may my Most Holy Mother be shown in all her splendour, irradiated from the Holy Spirit… and under the sight and complacency of the Father.
The poor soul – This detail alludes to the painting which should be done to represent the image of Mary Most Holy under the rays and action of the Holy Spirit (a Dove) who from above invades her totally.
Most Reverend Father, I have neither the time nor the strength to add any more. Would you please throw away, immediately, this writing, it doesn’t deserve any more attention. Recieve my respectful homage. Please bless me. Yours devotedly, the poor creature.

24-9-1969 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion. A mysterious suffering forces the poor soul to retire. After a few minutes, being afraid of being deceived, the familiar Voice says:
The Voice – Here is what you must say to my Minister: I desire that, high above the altar of the Chapel on its back, be painted the image of the eternal father, at the center, that of the Holy Spirit and lower, that of my Most Holy Mother, sided by the inscription “Mater Verbi Dei”. Everything must be done in a very religious style rather than artistic.

7-10-1969 The poor soul – The soul, after twenty minutes of intimate and terrible suffering, abandoned, as always, in the mystery of Christ and confident in His Sacrifice, which is useless to so many souls… in His Blood, which is trodden… in His Love, despised and ignored… finally, in a mysterious quietness the familiar voice is heard:

The Voice – In the embrace of the Holy Spirit, I come to confirm what I have already explained concerning my Most Holy Mother for the glory of the three and, in particular, the Holy Spirit.
The poor soul – Once the meeting over, the soul feels completely disengaged and can go down freely for her duties.


Jesus insists once more on the construction of the Chapel

21-11-1970 The poor soul – At church, saturday morning. After a long time of silence and interior suffering, while adoring Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrement, the soul is caught suddenly by the familiar mysterious power after which the familiar voice tells her:
The Voice – Tell my Minister that everything will be all right, but then let him look after the construction of the Chapel according to the instructions I gave you.
The poor soul – After this visit, the soul remains deeply shocked and she is afraid on account of the uncertainty in which she finds herself as the object of a deception by her imagination. Yet in the same time she decides to speak about it to whom she must (through obediance) to see if such a detail is in any way confirmed.