Chapter fifteen of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter fifteen

Chapter fifteen




Twice Jesus exhorts the soul to live in perfect obedience and in the offering of an extremely pure love for the triumph of his Heart.

13-8-1966 The poor soul – Morning after Holy Communion, during meditation.
The soul cannot meditate as she would because a strange power keeps her captive and busy. After a certain lapse of time, the most amiable Love of souls tells her:

The Voice – The success of the mission I have given you will also greatly depend on you… on your fidelity in living uniquely and only for my pure love and for the triumph of my Heart in the glorification of the Holy Spirit.

The poor soul – What impression this visit has left in the heart of the little creature! My God!
Evening of the same day.
A sudden visit. Jesus-Christ the tender and amiable Love of souls, repeats to His little creature what he has told her in the morning. My God! How much have I to meditate this! And I feel so little, so poor of virtue!

19-8-1966 The poor soul – Friday: late in the evening.
The poor creature is strongly caught by a hard and long suffering, during which she does nothing else but question herself: “What will my Lord want this time?”. His voice finally, after an hour and a half, says:

The Voice – Are you ready to sacrifice for me and to embrace lovingly all my decisions toward you in view of the fulfilment of the work I cherish most?
The poor soul – The soul, too much shocked by those words and not understanding all their implications, does not feel like giving an answer for the time being… We shall see what the Lord asks later on…

21-8-1966 The poor soul – Sunday. Around morning: the soul is caught.

The Voice – The work I have assigned to you should not be left to itself. Even if the works of God are worked out by themselves, you nevertheless, are responsible… you must bear the burden of it… Since I have chosen you, its on you that I rely… I carried everything out so as to work more easily and in view of realising my desire…
The poor soul – Maybe here there is a reference to the transfer of the Rev. Father from… to…


Jesus confirms that the glorification of the Holy Spirit must start from Loreto. Thence, it will spread on the whole earth in a reign of grace, truth, justice and holiness.

The Voice – Yes, it is from Loreto indeed that will come the first ray of new light which will shine upon all my Church, the souls and all the peoples…
The Holy Spirit is not yet known, honoured, glorified as He deserves. He is the great power which governs the world, which penetrates, envelops and sanctifies the souls and is fully worth of this special homage. Moreover, it is my Heart that desires this… And in this glorification of the Holy Spirit, substantial Love of the Father and the Son, my reign of grace, truth, justice and holiness shall spread rapidly, on the whole earth.

The poor soul – “My Lord Jesus-Christ and my God, what then shall I do? Tell me, I feel lost… crushed…”.


To be pleasing to Jesus doesn’t correspond to be pleasing to creatures. On the contrary, sometimes they are diametrically opposed.

27-8-1966 The poor soul – At church for the meditation. 17:00 o’clock.
These days the poor creature is undergoing a strong physical, moral and maybe also spiritual suffering. Feeling herself in such a great difficulty in practicing virtue, she suffers a lot… Then, the voice of good Jesus tells her:

The Voice – As long as you maintain in your soul the intention of loving me and of pleasing me, do not bother with all that is contrary to you… But rather, it is on account of this that you give me more glory and that you prove your obedience to my will.
The poor soul – The same day, later in the evening.
Once the test is over, the poor creature feels in her soul a pressing need to take refuge in her nothingness… to remain in it… not to come out of it… and there, in prayer and sacrifice, to desire nothing but the pure glory of her most amiable Lord Jesus.


Jesus explains the reason why the glorification of the Holy Spirit must start from Loreto

5-10-1966 The poor soul – Morning. At church.
While the poor soul comes to Holy Communion, she hears herself told in her intimacy, all of a sudden:

The Voice – Why in Loreto? Why in Loreto?

The poor soul – But trying not to divert her mind, she does not pay attention to this.
After Holy Communion, during the meditation, she feels her soul switching to a new spiritual atmosphere when the most amiable Jesus, who hadn’t made himself heard for a month, takes hold totally of the poor creature and tells her:

The Voice – The reason why I desire this cult to start from Loreto is that in this holy place, my Most Holy Mother is also much honoured… Well, as She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, it is fair that He also be honoured and glorified here more than in any other place.

The poor soul – This visit kept the soul busy during the whole meditation .

6-10-1966 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion all of a sudden:

The Voice – On the Sacred Hill, where so many souls find grace and mercy through the intercession of my Most Holy Mother, a new flame will be light up which will irradiate both its light and its warmth, to the extreme boundaries of the earth so as to wake up and save uncountable souls.

1-11-1966 The poor soul – Feast of all Saints. Early hours of the morning.
The little creature awakes in an ecstasy of love and exclaims:
“Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit! Glory, glory… for ever and ever! Glory to the most August Triad, one only God!
Glory, blessing, love, honour, triumph in the one inexpressible substance!!! Glory to the unique God… to the true God in the joy of His subsistent Love, where He dwells forming the beatitude of the Three!
Glory to Mary, tender Mother of God, for She is the well beloved of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!
Glory to Mary, the most humble and tender Spouse of the holy Spirit, the dear Mother of the eternal Divine Son!… O God, o joy, o most tender love, You ravish my soul. I adore You!…”.
She recovers after about fifteen minutes, because the little creature is too much enthralled.
“Well, what is happening in my soul?… O God, o my most tender Love, I understand… today is Your feast and the feast of all Your Saints… O God! O Eternal Joy, o Endless Beatitude… glory to You and to all Your Elects.
And glory to my Blessed Mother, of whom I’m a most unworthy daughter…”.

The Voice – Why does the Church celebrate today the glory and the triumph of her sons in Hevenly Home? Shout loudly to all the people: it is the Spirit of my Heart, it is the work of my love who has made them! Only through this Fire everything is done in Heaven and on the earth… and without Him nothing is done… I desire I await this triumph of the Spirit of my love. May humanity know that this is all!

This visit was also written under the direct action and a strong interior impulse. And what impression it has fixed in the heart of the poor little creature!

The poor soul – Morning: at church.
The soul is always accompanied by the Spirit who floods her in early hours. During the Holy Mass and the Holy Communion, this mysterious atmosphere pervades everything, everything indeed.
Noon, at church.
The little creature keeps in its mysterious climate, and is only able to cry out: “Glory, adoration, blessing to You, Son of God, born of Mary in the ardours of the Spirit… Glory to You, Divine Spirit of my Lord Jesus Christ: Jesus, You who has filled Heaven with Saints by Your sacrifice of Redemption”.


An invitation to the priests to fill themselves with the inexpressible Spirit of Love so that they may in their turn communicate Him to the hearts of the faithful.

The Voice – The Church, my Spouse, sprung out of my Heart has an extreme need of this Powerful Breath so as to cross the stormy sea of times, and most specially, the sea of our times where everything threatens Her destruction… May my priests believe in me, let them listen to the cry of my Heart… may they try to fill up with this unspeakable Spirit of Love, eternal flame that vivifies everything… so they may transmit it to the heart of their faithful as much as they can. It is necessary that the world be renewed in this divine Charity.
The poor soul – Few days ago, in the soul of the little creature had appeared – somewhat mysterious – the idea of this attribute: “Divine Power of Love”, but she did non want to take it into account, because she had entrusted everything to the most Holy Virgin.