Chapter fourteen of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter fourteen


The world needs a new Pentecost


To reassure the soul Jesus answers… “If you believe in my word, my marvels shall happen in you”.

5-7-1966 The poor soul – Evening: 17:15. During meditation. The soul feels a strong impulse, caught by her most kind Lord who tells her:

The Voice – My word lasts forever… your heart will show myself in the glorification of the Holy Spirit.

The poor soul – “Ah! My most beloved Saviour, O most kind love of all the loving souls… It’s easy for You to tell me this and it is for me a cause of great suffering… but now, however, to keep going forward as you wish, it is necessary to pass from words to deeds…”.

The poor soul – Evening: 17:15. During meditation. All of a sudden:

The Voice – Haven’t I told you already that if you believe in my word, I shall realise my mercies in you?

The poor soul – “Yes, but your Minister, wishes now obvious facts… words don’t suffice. So, my most tender Lord, if you wish what you desire to happen… come, help him!”


It’s the work of the love of God that made known to His Church his desire that the cult to the Holy Spirit be put in high honor.

10-7-1966 The poor soul – Morning 5:00. The soul is in raptures.
“O my God and my Lord. You know everything, I know nothing. You possess everything and I, nothing. Yet, this is what is best… otherwise who knows what bad use I could make, whereas like this… O God… O Son of God! O Divine Spirit! O divine invasion! I adore Thee!”
For about half an hour the soul is caught strongly. Then the sweet voice of her adored Lord, tells her:

The Voice – My works are accomplished by themselves, there is no need for help… Yet, its by love that I have given you the great mission to make known to my Church my desire that the cult rightly due to the Spirit of truth, of justice and of eternal charity in the Father and in the Son may be hold in great honour.

The poor soul – “But, my good Jesus, this is how things are: words alone are not enough… that’s justice. How do you want them to believe a wretched creature like me?”
There is no more time. The meeting lasted nearly an hour.

12-6-1966 The poor soul – Late at night, an unforeseen and sudden visit.
“Oh! how pleasant and tender is your Presence, o most inexpressible Son of God! Your visit fills every emptiness, appeases every desire, gratifies the soul with Paradise, because Paradise is You!
Oh! God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit… true God… unique God… God, eternal love, essential stirring God, vivifying God, God light… warmth… Fire of my heart… O tender flame of the fire that burns always in the Sacred Chest of my most amiable Lord Jesus… Why do You not descend also in my heart to remain in it and consume it totally for You, o my most beloved Lord… O tender love of my heart?”. At this point, the soul is plunged in her God and has no more words.
It is an issue which is very close to my heart too… but I don’t know what to do indeed…


The works of the love of God request sufferings. The little creature will have to suffer plenty of them because she has been chosen for a work of such importance.

5-8-1966 The poor soul – First friday of the month. Late at night.
After more than an hour of terrible torment in her poor being, finally the voice of her most amiable Lord Jesus is heard by His small creature.

The Voice – Since all the works of my love are the cause of great suffering for my chosen one who must keep me company, be nearer to me… how much more it will cost to you, my little creature, chosen for a work of so great importance?… Oh! how I desire that this cult may be established in my Church… in the souls, in society!
The world of today is in need of this New Pentecost… so that souls may feel shaken, enlightened, restored for a new beginning of christian life… of a life which shall lead them more quickly to salvation, to sanctification. O how much I have at heart the salvation of souls! This is a must to which I cannot renounce.

The poor soul – “Yet, my Lord Jesus-Christ… it’s of a too high importance… If you do not take part we can do nothing. Creatures request obvious demonstrations!”

7-8-1966 The poor soul – Sunday: morning 10:00.
The little creature is alone. All of a sudden she is caught and envelopped by the mysterious power, and she cannot but shout: “God! God! God!”. And after a few minutes, always under the action of this same power, she exclaims spontaneously: “How better had it been that another creature… less unworthy than I am, should have been chosen!… Maybe, then, something would’ve been done by this time… However here am I…”.

The poor soul – Same day at 14:00.
Suddenly the soul is again caught by the familiar mysterious power, and after a few minutes of strong attraction, the most tender Love of humanity, my Lord Jesus-Christ, says to His little creature:

The Voice – Do not fear… the works of God are not accomplished by creatures but by God himself. And that’s why I always choose in compliance with inclination of my Heart… surely not for the merits of the creature, but because of my liking. However, what I expect from this soul is a generous and total answer to all the requests of my free of charge love.