Chapter five of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter five of the Book Divine Power of Love

Chapter five of the Book Divine Power of Love

[PART II: The Manifestation] CHAPTER FIVE

The imprint of God in the Holy Spirit


Jesus wants to make of her “an instrument of his Glory”. The poor soul declares she doesn’t understand anything of what she has reported to her Confessor.

21-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning: before Holy Mass.
After a meeting which took place between 5:30 and 6:15, the soul is still strongly absorbed by the mysterious power and not being able to meditate, she abandons herself (she is forced to) to everything which will be made of her. Towards the end of the time reserved to meditation, the voice says:

The Voice – You have but one way to go now, that of following me in all my plans and do all I want. Since I have made you all mine… I intend to make you an instrument of my Glory.

The poor soul – The soul abandons herself totally during Holy Communion in the arms of her Lord and begs to be erased from the book of life rather than make a mistake about her way.

23-11-1965 The poor soul – Evening meditation.
These days my soul can do nothing but adore, head bowed, the mystery happening in her… Here are my meditations. Yesterday I met the Angel of the Lord, and I have manifested what even today I can’t understand! It seems everything in me and around me has become a mystery! However I feel so peaceful… happy… But what I feel is too great… I feel crushed at times. And my meditation? This is a mystery too! If at least I could find words that would express something… but no!
“O my Jesus, tender love… You Yourself are the mystery I cannot grasp and that nonetheless I feel here in my heart… O my God, O my Paradise… It doesn’t matter, even if I don’t understand You, it suffices to know that You are here, that I am Yours, and I am in You! Amen”

24-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.
The soul is ravished in her Lord. “O! Son of God, born of Mary, in the Fire of the Holy Spirit, fix me in you, so I may live and die but for You”.


Jesus declares that only those who have the imprint of God in the Holy Spirit shall be confirmed in Glory.

25-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning: rather early. The soul is in raptures.

The Voice – At the end of the time everything will be transformed and will receive a new imprint of God in the Holy Spirit. Then, the souls in whom the Father will find the image of his unique Son will be transported and settled in glory for the eternal centuries in the Fire of the same Spirit who lives and reigns with the Father and the Son in a glorious, untold happiness!

27-11-1965 Against the assaults of the devil the poor soul is reassured by Jesus.
The poor soul – Morning. As usual.

The Voice – It is necessary that everything will be fulfilled… Take refuge in your nothingness and in the firm will, that I’ll grant you, to be always faithful to me. My terrible and wretched enemy, Satan, irritated by the petition you will address to His excellency, will torment you severely… Yet, do not fear because I will be with you… So he won’t be able to do any arm to your soul.

The poor soul – Same day 15:00 o’clock.
The mysterious action on the poor soul becomes always stronger, more total. “I’m yours, O my God, do with me what you want”.

The Voice – I gave you your being but for my glory.

The poor soul – “Ah! my Lord! You speak to me, and I understand things but as a poor creature… maybe I don’t understand them rightly…”.

The Voice – The Holy Spirit whom the Father shall send you, in my name, shall overshadow you and cover you with his sanctifying wing, and He shall manifest you the Father and the Son and you shall be only a weak instrument for the glory of God… of your God… whom the world knows not and… loves not… It shall be He, the Holy Spirit who, in the next days, will assist you in the struggle that you shall undergo against Satan, the foremost enemy of good and souls.


She decides finally to obey and to write to the Bishop in order to allow her Confessor to come to the convent.

28-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning. After Holy Communion.
From now on, my soul must not seek anything else but the glory of God… through and through… Even if in certain cases it must cost me terribly. For instance today I will write to His Excellency even if I’m assured that Satan, the envious, will torment me with his infernal slaver. Why should I care… since all this pleases Him… since all this is agreeable to my Lord?…

29-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning 11:10.
Always the same situation. The soul: “Why does Satan get angry with me?… I have nothing that may hurt him, that may give offence to him… I am a poor nothingness, a miserable one, a proud one like him… Why does he get angry with me?…”.

The Voice – He is furious because you obey me with firmness, not taking any self respect for yourself… and also because you wrote to His Excellency. Now be quiet, he shall have no power over you, I will assist you so that everything may turn to my glory.


The poor creature takes refuge in her nothingness to protect herself against the assaults of the enemy.

2-12-1965 The poor soul – At church 12:25.
The soul is in great trouble.
“My God… for Your glory… for Your Reign of love… Because of Your Holy Name, help me. I don’t understand… maybe the enemy has already started acting. I don’t understand myself any more. Everything in me is in confusion and occasion of trouble, I know my soul is in Your hands, sure hands, divine hands… Yet, I’m so fragile, so sensitive, so poor in virtue… I have but one means that can help me, my nothingness: the memory of my sins, of so many infidelities… the awareness of my pride… which is very great… May Your Mother the Immaculate Virgin… hide me under Her mantel and may my blessed Foundress look at me and assist me from Heaven above.
As for the rest, may everything happen according to Your will which has become now fully mine! Amen!”