Chapter ten of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter ten

Chapter ten

[PART II: The Manifestation] CHAPTER TEN

An invitation to priests to accept the new message


The little soul will remain hidden. The access to the Church will be handled by the Minister of God.

18-3-1966 The poor soul – Morning: after the Holy Mass and the Holy Communion.
A very evident supernatural power, forces the soul to retire from the community. A few minutes after, while a great mystery binds her, the most lovable Jesus says to his little creature:

The Voice – Be quiet, you shall always be hidden in my Heart… I am extremely jealous about you… since I have committed you to my Minister, you have nothing that belongs to you… Now all is in his hands… and he can dispose of it freely, that is, independently of you… and, if my Minister wants to start now his action in my Church for my glory, which is also the glory of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, I’m not against it, I even would embrace him more strongly in my Heart and it will be a reason of great consolation for me.

The poor soul – At this moment, the soul feels like ravished and cries out: “O Divine Spirit, eternal love of the Father and the Son… come, descend soon on this poor earth, descend on Your Church… on all souls, and without delay work so as to re-establish the Kingdom of the infinite love of the most meek and lovable Heart of Jesus, our most adored Redeemer. To Him be glory and honour for ever and ever, in time and eternity! Amen!”


Jesus recommends to the soul the greatest indifference about what she has revealed to his Minister.

21-3-1966 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion .

The Voice – Well, at this moment, in order to follow the designs of my Heart, you must totally entrust your soul to the hands of my Minister, so that he may do what he desires with it. It must be immaterial for you whether he takes into account all I revealed to you or he doesn’t pay attention to it. You shouldn’t worry about anything… but to belong to me completely and always follow me.

The poor soul – Evening meditation, 17:00 o’clock.
An unexplainable fact hinders my soul from meditating this evening. Who and why? And yet I am so much in need to collect my thoughts, to humble myself in my nothingness, to adore. Yes, that I may adore You, so that You may take possession of all my being… In order to recognise You as the supreme good of the whole universe… Yes, to adore You so that the Work of Your mercy may be accomplished in me… in all souls redeemed by You and sanctified by the action of the Holy Spirit… To adore You so you may fully take possession of my heart… of those of all men! And so that – like a fervent and filial homage of all men thus united – may rise the canticle of a thankful and adoring love which may give you honour and glory, now and for ever! Amen!

Late in the evening. About 22:00.
The soul is suffering…
Not even yesterday, the Angel of my soul has come… and forty days have elapsed. And yet I’m so much in need of him! For, by myself I feel so lost! May my good Jesus help me! Still, the will of God may always be done! Amen!


Jesus invites the soul to cooperate with the utmost fidelity to grace and to be a very docile instrument to make known the new Message of love.

24-3-1966 The poor soul – Late in the evening 22:00.
The little creature has lost control of herself… the familiar mysterious power invades her totally.

The Voice – Strip off all personal idea and initiative from yourself and give free course to my grace… As I already told you so many times, I have chosen your soul as an instrument to make known my new Message of love, by the means of the glorification of the Holy Spirit… for this I have led you so far and have endowed you with graces of infinite value, for they spring from the intimacy of my Heart. And now pay great attention to my voice… and know that the results will also highly depend on your co-operation to my grace… Surely, you shall remain but an instrument in my hands… but you must be a very docile instrument, which spares itself in nothing, which gives itself thoroughly and sacrifices all… which, unreservedly abandoning itself in my arms, is anxious of nothing but to please me.

The poor soul – “But, my Lord, I’m unable to do all this… I’m too small, miserable and proud…”.

The Voice – That is precisely why I have chosen you… for thus will come a greater glory and honour to my grace and love. Besides, it won’t be you who will act, but my Minister to whom you must reveal everything.

1-4-1966 68 The poor soul – Morning 11:00. At church for adoration.
Still the soul finds herself in suffering.
“O my God, right now, I accept from Your hands all you will ask of me during this month! Take my soul and make of it what you want… for me it’s all the same. I shall be now and forever but a poor nothing on which You can act freely. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus may your Divine Spirit descend on us… with His inexpressible effusions!”

2-4-1966 The poor soul – 9:00 in the morning. Sewing workroom.
Morning of fire. The soul is enraptured.­
The Voice – Listen to the voice of your beloved Lord: the cult I request to fully glorify the Holy Spirit shall not be separated from the one due to my Sacred Heart… therefore it shall not be at all a new cult… However what I ask is that my Church gives prominence to the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit in souls… let them speak more about Him… let them make Him known… let souls understand that without this Divine Spirit it is impossible to do anything that can please the Sanctity of God three times Holy. Let them inculcate in souls a burning and confident love… let Him be invoked… let them make Him the intimate friend of every moment, because only He is the inspirer of all good. Only He transforms souls… Sanctifies hearts. He can lead humanity to salvation in this sad time.

The poor soul – Here the soul is caught more strongly.
“O Divine Spirit of the Father and of the Son! O tender Host of the souls. You are the Sacred Fire who animates, directs, and governs all things… Come, descend on my soul and make it so that at every moment, I remain faithful to the warmth of Your inspirations… so that may happen the great mystery of redemption and sanctification which Jesus-Christ has obtained for us for the glory of the Father!”


So as to establish a more ardent and more practical cult to the Holy Spirit, the co-operation of Priests, directors and guides of souls, is necessary.

3-4-1966 The poor soul – Afternoon 15:00. After great sufferings.
The Voice – When I asked you to consecrate yourself as a victim of reparation to my much profaned Heart, I also thought to make of you, later on, an Apostle of the cult to the Holy Spirit…

The poor soul – All is directly written under the mysterious action.

The Voice – This cult will be the best and necessary means for my love, to be really understood in its most ardent expressions so that He may receive amends, glory and be repaid.
It is time, henceforth, to make you understand how this cult should be rendered to the Holy Spirit and how to propose it so it can be put in practice. First, my fellow Priests, who are the masters and guides of the souls, must be convinced and well prepared (ie know thoroughly this new Message)… yes, they must honour it first, and glorify it in the intimacy of their heart. And when, obediant to my invitation and well aware of the great importance of the new means placed in their hands for the salvation of souls, they dedicate themselves in a thousand ways to publish It, they, then, will see that a new spring of grace will spread and bring forth sure fruits of holiness and salvation.


“Then I shall visit your soul and reveal to you my mystery”. “O God, terrible and strong, sustain my weakness!”

4-4-1966 The poor soul – Morning: the early hours. While the soul is strongly suffering.

The Voice – Haven’t I already told you, that all the mercies of my Love will be realized on you? Then I shall visit your soul and reveal you my mystery.

The poor soul – “O God, terrible and strong how great is your Majesty! I pray you, sustain my weakness… otherwise I shall faint… Holy Mother, see that the Spirit of the Lord may be diffused through my heart! O inexpressible Spirit of the Eternal Charity of my God! See! all the doors of my soul are opened to you. If you desire me, here am I… make of me what pleases you… O most kind Heart of my Jesus, inexhaustible source of the gifts of the celestial Father, open up the way to your inexpressible Charity… I shall sing to you eternally… Eternally I shall sing the hymn of gratitude to your Love descended upon this miserable earth, the prodigies accomplished to penetrate in the hearts of men and bring them to eternal salvation”.


It is necessary that they mention often in their sermons and direction, the action of my Divine Spirit

4-4-1966 The Voice – And you, my favourite one, assure my Church and Priests that, if they listen to my new Message, to this cry of my Heart, I shall give them the special grace of penetrating profoundly in the souls so as to move them, bring them toward good: toward the truth and unique good which is the reign of my Love!
But, to come to this, it is necessary that, in their sermons, teachings and guide of souls, they often speak of the action of my Divine Spirit, that the Father sent in my name… and continuously still sends to the souls… It must be understood clearly that everything in the Whole creation is held in existence and governed by this Divine Spirit… and that, without His vital fervour, nothing would be accomplished, all would fall back in the void… above all (and I repeat this for my Church) may everyone knows that my new cry of love, hidden until now in the decrees of the charity of the most august Triad, is of the highest importance… and that, if it is well received, inexpressible gifts of spiritual graces, as well as of peace and harmony between peoples, shall follow.


Jesus ensures that a new spirit will spread through the Church and the souls and that vocations both religious and sacerdotal will flourish again.

5-4-1966 The poor soul – All is directly written under the mysterious action.

The Voice – I, who speak to you in spirit and truth, I assure you that, if attention is paid to this new Message of love, if the Holy Spirit is made known and glorified, a new spirit shall spread in my Church and in souls, which, like an early breeze, will instil into them a new life, and religious and sacerdotal vocations will flourish again, to advantage and renewal of the Christian spirit in the souls and society… and thus the triumph of my Love will thake place, which has been pre-established since eternity with my coming to the earth.