Chapter Two of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter Two of the Book Divine Power of Love

Chapter Two of the Book Divine Power of Love

[PART I: The Preparation] CHAPTER TWO

The Holy Spirit sets the seal on the wedding between Jesus and the “Poor Soul”
who becomes the confident of his secrets


I shall wed you in my inexpressible Heart… the link will be sealed by the Holy Spirit.

10-5-1964 The poor soul – Sunday before mass, during her meditation, the soul is again bewildered, frightened.

The Voice – Yes, I understand everything and sympathise with your suffering… but you see that even your peace is perturbed… Well, I shall give it back to you if you promise me to accept what I wish to do in your soul.

The poor soul – I shall consult my confessor; from now on, I’ll keep myself disposed to accept.

The Voice – On the Holy day of Pentecost I have the intention to bind your soul with a nuptial friendship of love. Yes, I shall marry you in my inexpressible Heart, for I desire to make of your soul an instrument of my glory.

At 14:50:

The Voice – I look for you for a rendezvous of love during which my Heart will marry your soul with a link of infinite and inexpressible love. Then the Spirit will seal that link by the power of his grace.

The poor soul – “Lord, my God, you see how troubled is my soul. I understand nothing. Nevertheless I dare raise my cry towards you: I trust You!… do of myself whatever may please You”.

During meditation at 17:15.

The Voice – Talk to your confessor about this so as to have his consent and be helped by his prayers and support. Close your eyes to every human sight… let me lead… I shall be your stength… trust me.


Jesus says: “I need your soul to accomplish my designs”.

16-5-1964 The poor soul – At 23:55.
While being very tired by her work of the day, the poor creature cannot find rest because of an uncomprehensible torment which hinders her. Oh! how would she cry freely if only the tears came! She cannot, unfortunately, so she seeks a way out, by remitting herself into the hands of her Lord. At the end she hears, as in a mysterious wave:

The voice – Now on the eve of our Wedding tell me that you will ever be faithful… believe me: I really need your soul to accomplish my designs which are now unknown to you. You know with how much love I have led you to this! How many times your soul has rested in my Heart! Now, I am waiting for you to lead you on new ways, always of love, but which will cost you plenty of sufferings. It must be so for this is the only way through which you’ll come where I’m waiting for you. But you must remember that there will always be a refuge in my Heart for each of your sorrows.


Pentecost, 1964: In the silence of Holy Communion happens the mystical wedding. The fire of Eternal Charity sets His seal on it.

17-5-1964 The poor soul – 5:40, in the morning. Her whole being an particularly her soul are already in a fit of strong suffering.

The Voice – Come, you will be mine forever… I shall inhabit your heart… You will inhabit mine forever!… For I need your soul.

The poor soul – Later on, while preparing to go to church, the­ familiar mysterious voice says:

The Voice – Be peaceful, nothing unusual will happen to you. My Heart, in the silent meeting of Holy Communion, will marry your soul.
O priviledged soul of my Love, have confidence in me… for I shall be your strength, your everything, always.

The poor soul – As soon as she arrives to the church, she is already submerged by this strength which invades her totally and she is urged to hear what a mysterious voice murmurs in her heart:

The Voice – O bride of my Heart… I love you with an infinite love… the love which embraces the whole humanity, but which so many refuse to hear. That is why such a power needs to find an outburst. I want to fill your heart… and make it free to love me so! And make it an instrument…

The poor soul – She must go out and receive the children for first Communion and she will not be able to look after herself anymore.

The poor soul – At 10:15 tired from standing still and exhausted by the overwhelming effort in the depths of her heart, she is forced to rest. As soon as she arrives to her room the Sovereign

Voice makes itself heard in the understanding of the heart:

The Voice – Now you belong totally to me… I married your soul in the bowels of my Heart… and the fire of the Eternal Charity has put its seal on our nuptial meeting.

The poor soul – “God, help me! How much I need it! My Lord Jesus… sustain my weakness”.


Jesus is near her and she is near Jesus. The meeting place is the heart of the soul, become thus dwelling of Christ.

13-6-1964 The poor soul – Yesterday, 12-6-1964, my poor being, mostly my soul, have been three times the object of the mystical action. What pains! And also what appeal of the soul towards the Supreme Good, Jesus-Christ! The third time the voice tells me in the depths of my soul:

The Voice – You are always near me since my Heart has made you mine, and I’m near you because I have taken up my abode in your heart. And when you look for me, I love you, when you invoke me, I love you! When you humiliate yourself, I love you… When you try to progress, I love you! And when you suffer in a spirit of atonement you make me happy, and then I love you. But pay attention, for I am extremely sensitive even to the smallest negligence.


Jesus unveils to the soul his secret designs of predilection and asks her for her true consent.

27-6-1964 The poor soul – During her meditation, 17:00 o’clock.

The Voice – Now it is time to unveil my secret designs upon your soul. Once, in a transport of entirely free love, I have made of your soul the object of predilection of my Heart. But this choice brought about you, about your whole being, great sufferings… Know, then, that from now onwards I shall come down into your whole being with my sensible presence, very frequently, for I desire to inhabit your heart which I have made mine… And you will taste all the sweet… but also painful load of my presence.
It is necessary that it should be thus, because no one can love without suffering!
Do you accept? Through the Christ of the Gospel, whom you have so often looked for and prayed, do you accept? It is me the Christ… Me, the beloved Son of the Father… your unique, eternal Love… your adorable Lord…

The poor soul – And the soul answers: “But I need to work as well… I’m not free… I shall speak to my confessor… Besides, I am always in your hands. Do of myself what you want”.


Jesus demands the soul a well-tried faithfulness and a full liberty of action.

30-7-1964 The poor soul – At 22:20. The soul is as usual in her habitual suffering.

The Voice – Listen to my voice and imprint it on the bottom of your heart. I have made you entirely mine… and now, I expect from you a well-tried loyalty, for you don’t know where I desire to lead you… Uncountable are the ways of my love but they are not always evident to the eyes of men… I repeat: you are mine, let yourself be led freely.

The poor soul – “My God, here am I. Do of myself what you want”.

31-7-1964 The poor soul – In the morning during Holy Mass in the Holy House at Loreto, the soul prays, adores and waits.
She is waiting for an answer. It comes, but not the one she wished for:

The Voice – You’re all mine, you’re all mine!

The poor soul – The soul grasps the true value of what she hears and she abandons herself totally with confidence.

The poor soul – 14:30 in the afternoon.

It is impossible to describe to which intensity of pain my poor self was subject today. It seems the Good Jesus wants me with him in the pains of crucifixion; yet my soul does only abandon itself to the action that tortures her, and in the meanwhile she adores, begs, loves, cries and repairs. At 3:00, all is finished! But what has the poor creature ever experienced!


Jesus declares himself a “Beggar of love” and requests the heart, the soul and the whole being of the “poor creature”.

10-8-1964 The poor soul – At 21:30.
After nearly an hour of great suffering, the mysterious voice tells me:

The Voice – You are all mine… in you reposes my Heart. Give me your love, I need it so badly… Oh! How wicked is the world! How many iniquities embitter me!

14-8-1964 The poor soul – After Holy Communion, while she is in the embrace of the mystical host:

The Voice – Will you give me everything?

The poor soul – Yes, my Lord, everything.

The Voice – Will you give me everything?… always?

The poor soul – “Should I be the only one that doesn’t follow you? No, never!”

The Voice – Then, give me your soul so I may make of it an instrument for my glory… Give me your heart so I may transform it into mine… Give me your whole being so I can purify, sanctify it according to my designs.

The poor soul – At 15:15. Always under the action of habitual suffering.

The Voice – I am the infinite Love… and the Beggar of love! Oh! how many deceptions I suffer, even from the souls that are very close to me! How much indifference and carelessness they have toward me.

The poor soul – The whole being of the poor soul remains strongly painful from these complaints of Jesus and the voice goes on:

The Voice – Prostrate yourself and make honorable amends.

The poor soul – The soul at these words prostrates herself on the floor and, overwhelmed by her nothingness, she tries, inasmuch as she is able, to make acts of reparation.


The Divine Father calls the soul “My most beloved daughter” and “Living Temple of the Holy Trinity”.

The poor soul – At 11:30.
Still strongly impressed, the soul is invited to a new meeting. While going upstairs the mysterious presence makes itself felt with always more power, till she becomes, once in her room, all submerged… Then, she exclaims by instinct: “O my Father, o my God!”. Quite a few moments elapsed… and then all of a sudden, the voice is heard:

The Voice – You are my beloved daughter… In my only begotten Son and in the Holy Spirit I have made you all mine… The three divine persons inhabit you. You are the living temple of the most Holy Trinity: Be prepared for more effusions of my love, under whatever form they show themselves.

3-2-1965 The poor soul – In the place where she works, 10:00 o’clock.
While the familiar voice makes itself heard the soul is strongly attracted:

The Voice – This is me, your infinite Good… I shall lead you so that you may live my mystery of Love. Always trust my Heart.

The poor soul – At 11:00, a meeting of about six minutes. The soul is again strongly caught by the mysterious presence. It is impossible to explain how this happens, since she feels like overwhelmed by an impetuous stream, and at the same time she enters into a mysterious dialogue with the Lord. At the end the familiar voice says:

The Voice – Are you disposed to receive me in a torturing love?

The poor soul – The soul answers immediately to the question: “Yes Lord, whatever you want!” (it lasts about 10 minutes).