Chapter seven of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter seven of the Book Divine Power of Love

Chapter seven of the Book Divine Power of Love

[PART II: The Manifestation] CHAPTER SEVEN

To reveal the message: this is what the Father and the Son wish from her


Jesus wants to make “the poor soul” a new Apostle of the cult of his Sacred Heart under a more complete form.

31-12-1965 The poor soul – The afternoon from 13:00 to 14:45.
In a great ravishment. During the last half hour the Voice says:

The Voice – It is my love who has led you until now… so as to have you nearer to my Heart… and so as to make of your soul an instrument always more capable of receiving the expressions of my infinite Love in the effusions of the Holy Spirit. All this to make you a New Apostle of the cult due to my Sacred Heart, which I desire be rendered under a more complete form, that’s by honouring in the same time the Holy Spirit by acts of adoration, blessing etc., in a manner never practised until now.


It is the desire of the Father and the Son that the new Message be made known publicly by the one who is its Depositary.

1-1-1966 The poor soul – “O Jesus, Son of God, splendour and Paradise of all Saints, You are my Lord… the Lord of my heart, of all hearts… even if not all of them love You… they are Yours equally for You have redeemed them at the cost of Your Blood”.

The Voice – Yet there is one for which I’m really passionate with love, and it is yours. Yes, because I have chosen it… and I have fed it with special graces of predilection… I have nourished it with the food of my infinite love, and all this to make of your soul an intimate Disciple and Lover of the desires of my Heart. And these are known to you by now… I have placed them in your heart and they will be manifested by the one who for the time being is their depositary. I repeat to you: it is my Heart’s desire… it is my Father’s will that the new Message of my Love must be published, for the glory of the Father and the Son in the inexpressible ardours of the Divine Eternal Spirit.

The poor soul – “O my Lord, Jesus-Christ, abyss of the infinite Charity of God… here am I! And if this is really your will, make this to be done. With the help of Your grace, I shall follow You always! May Our Lady of Sorrows, my tender Mother, and my Blessed Foundress assist and protect me! Amen!”

The Voice – Now, to confirm that my Words are really the desire of my Heart, come to my arms… I shall give you the secret solace of my Love…

The poor soul – The soul is like in ecstasy: “O Lord… my tender Paradise, O my Eternal Love…”.


The poor soul is invited by Jesus to a more intimate familiarity with His most lovable Heart.

9-1-1966 The poor soul – Morning 8:00. The soul is in rapture.

The Voice – The mysterious and unspoken action of the God of Love is tender and mighty… The chosen soul is invited to a more intimate familiarity with her Lord: she must no more belong to herself, but in all things and for all things, she must make herself available to His most lovable Heart, the unique and supreme good to whom she belongs.
On account of this, be ready because, to confirm what I have already told you, I shall ask you again more things.

The poor soul – “O my God, inexpressible Love, One and Trine, I adore Thee! Still you know I’m nothing, I can do nothing. Yet here I am! Amen!”


The souls are of Jesus but not all of them belong to Him, lots of them are far away from Him… lots of them hate Him… A great sadness for his Heart!

10-1-1966 The poor soul – Morning. After communion.

The Voice – I am the infinite Love who embraces everything and penetrates into everything… The souls are mine but all of them belong to me. Many are simply errant… many, on the other hand really hate me… And this causes me great sorrow! To you, who know my secrets, I repeat the cry of my Heart… let my Minister take note of all I have taught you, for it is he who will have to make all this public.

The poor soul – “O God, living God, One and Trine, my soul is Yours… do with it what you want! May the most Holy Virgin and my Blessed Mother assist me! Amen!”
Today the Holy Minister of God came unexpectedly, but my poor soul, bewildered and puzzled, could not open up, nor manifest itself as she had need to do, in reality. May the Good Lord bless his Minister and give pardon to my poor soul.


The little soul feels a great fear to have been deceived and of being still deceived. So she suffers deeply.

12-1-1966 The poor soul – Morning 8:00.
For various reasons the soul is caught in a great suffering.

The Voice – Suffering is necessary… So that may be accomplished the work of love which I entrusted to you.

The poor soul – Same day, 11:00 in the morning.
The soul undergoes the same pains for the same reasons, particularly because of the fear that the past may have been a deceit and for other reasons… she would like to put an end to this. Oh! If only she could eliminate all the past… all she felt in her intimate!…

19-1-1966 The poor soul – During the morning: at work. The soul is suddenly enraptured.

The Voice – I wed you in the ardours of the Holy Spirit, while my Heart offered its effusions of love to conquer your soul.

The poor soul – “My Lord Jesus-Christ divine solace of my soul… how difficult has become my life!… The future seems always more uncertain for me… I’m convinced that you always come nearer to me and yet, I feel myself escaping my being!”

The Voice – It is necessary that this happens so that all may turn to the glory and honour of my grace and my love, in the Holy Spirit in the bosom of the Father… However you’ll never miss my grace… and also you have my Minister.


The soul is not yet quiet and feels the need to come back to a normal spiritual state. Then the voice of Jesus steps in to reassure her.

22-1-1966 The Voice – I came from the Father to join you, which I chose since all eternity and loved with a love of predilection… so that I may find on earth a place where I can take refuge from so many iniquities of men. Why then, wouldn’t you like to hear my voice any more? I am your unique and supreme Good and if your soul now would not abandon itself totally to my Heart, where would you find life, light and strength?

23-1-1966 The poor soul – 8.00 o’clock in the evening.
Having passed many long days under the weight of the mysterious suffering, the soul feels greatly bewildered. Oh! If only I could penetrate in my poor soul… understand its sorrowful situation… and then kneel at the feet of the Holy Minister of God, and tell him: “This is how things are going now! I suffer in this way, this way, that way…”. But No! Whereas, nothing! Everything is a mystery… and a terrible mystery. But, fiat!


The soul who has recieved Holy Communion is a host in the bosom of the Father”.

24-1-1966 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion.

The Voice – With communion the soul is a guest in the bosom of the Father, since Jesus-Christ in His sacramental donation absorbs her, assimilates her totally in Himself. Now he is always in the Father.
Happy the soul who knows how to remain in this inexpressible dwelling, for the Holy Spirit will inebriate it with his ardours!