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Holy Spirit Blog


Are you looking for true, concrete and profound inspirations?Do you want to make the Holy Spirit the friend of every moment?

Do you desire the grace to penetrate the souls to move and transport them to the true and unique good?

Do you want to know, love and glorify the Holy Spirit?

Are you looking for a way to honor the Holy Spirit with a more solemn, fervent and practical cult?

Have you discovered that in the Heart of Jesus there is nothing but charity and love and do you want that everyone  knows and understands it?

Do you think that everything in the universe is protected and governed by the Divine Eternal Spirit and that without its Vital Warmth nothing would work because everything would fall into the nothingness?

Do you think it’s important to contribute to renewing the face of the earth?

In your heart burns the same flame of love that consumes the heart of Jesus and do you want to collaborate with him for the salvation of souls?

So you can browse this Holy Spirit Blog with a lot of fruit!

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