Prayer Booklet of the Holy Spirit

Prayer Booklet Holy Spirit

Prayer Booklet Holy Spirit

You can consult here the famous prayer booklet of the Holy Spirit “Divine Power of Love”, used by the” Disciples and Apostles of the Holy Spirit ,” in meetings, Masses, catechesis and also for individual prayer. Given the success of its paper edition, to bring it back to this blog our intent was to remain as faithful as possible to the original. To facilitate consultation with this medium, however, we decided to divide it into three parts:

  1. Sequence of the Holy Spirit, Hymn to the Holy Spirit, Invocation of Mary Most Holy to obtain the Holy Spirit and Prayer to implore the Holy Spirit. We recommend praying to them every day.
  2. Novena to the Holy Spirit, the Rosary and the Litany of the Holy Spirit.
  3. “Why pray to the Holy Spirit?” and General information (that you can deepen on the official site) about the “Opera dello Spirito Santo (Work of the Holy Spirit).

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