Chapter four of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter four

Chapter four – Divine Power of Love

[PART II: The Manifestation] CHAPTER FOUR

Let the Church bring light to the action of the Holy Spirit


Suddenly the soul is possessed by a mysterious power as never before she had been.
She feels she is nearly dying and almost going mad… so that she recommends her spirit to God. Then, the great Message for the Church.

10-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning, at church.
Suddenly coming back from Holy Communion her soul is totally absorbed by the usual misterious power and she is forced to go to her room. As she goes upstairs she has the feeling that her whole being is going to be shattered… she feels she’s fainting. My God, what moments! Maybe she has lost control, maybe its the end! In the meanwhile, gathering some of her remaining strenght, she exclaims again and again: “My God, mercy! I commit my spirit into Your hands!”.
And finally she is in her room. Here she feels as lost. Slowly recovering a little bit of her strenght, she throws herself totally in her most loving Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, whom she claps in her heart, and enters with Him in a tender dialogue without words, but all the same comprehensible. She passes half an hour in a complete stillness, always with her spirit hanging from the mysterious lodestone which attracts her entirely.

10-11-1965 Jesus requires from his Church that the cult to the Holy Spirit be more solemn, devout and practical.
Suddenly the voice says:

The Voice – Why is it that the Church, my Spouse, does not honour the Holy Spirit by a more solemn, ardent and practical cult among the faithful? All is being done in Him and through Him since eternal centuries, on earth and in heaven, in an intimate communion on with the Father and the Son. So I appoint you, in the meantime, to speak to my Minister about my desire.

The poor soul – After this message the soul remains like giddy. She doesn’t grasp the sense of what she has heard and she does anything but recommend herself to her Lord.


Jesus expresses to the little soul the desire of the Father and his own: that the Holy Spirit should be better loved and known in the Church.

11-11-1965 Morning 11:00.

The Voice – Give me this proof of love… make yourself interpreter of my designs. I wish the Church, Mother and Mistress of all believers, to put into greater evidence the action of the Holy Spirit, Spirit of Life, of Truth, of Justice, of Love. He is the strength, the warmth, the fire who leads everything by his merciful power, He who is substantially united to the Father and the Son with whom he forms one only, unique and unspeakable love… I have chosen you from all eternity for that mission… And, as my useless instrument you have only to communicate what I will reveal you, to my Minister. In the meanwhile, however, let him keep everything in the secret of his heart.

The poor soul – The same day. Evening: during the meditation.

The Voice – When you meet my Minister tell him, in my name, that it is the desire of my Father and of my Heart that the Holy Spirit be better known and loved in the Church, my Spouse, and I assure you that an era of greater sanctity in the souls and of fraternity among the nations shall open up. But for the moment this must remain a secret.

12-11-1965 The poor soul – As for me I can hardly understand the true voice… the clear and sure voice of my Lord… I’m a miserable being… I dont understand anything, I’m but an ignorant!…

The Voice – Be quiet, for the One who hides from the great and the wise of this world and who manifests himself to the small and simple, he will know how to guide you. And you, sustained by my arm and guided by my Love, you will advance in security along the mysterious ways of my designs.

14-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning 5:00.
After about an hour of a very strong mysterious action, while her whole person is in a complete immobility, the voice says:

The Voice – Everything in the Father… the Son… and the Holy Spirit. Everything by the Father… the Son… and the Holy Spirit. Everything with the Father… the Son… and the Holy Spirit. In the fullness of time the Father has given the Son to humanity… now His Son wants to manifest the Holy Spirit… the substantial Love of the Father and the Son. Report everything to my Minister.

15-11-1965 The poor soul – Morning. At church.
While the soul is about to go to Holy Communion, the voice all of a sudden says:

The Voice – Are you ready for what I want to ask you? During this week you will arrange to meet my Minister at home, if there is no other different way.

The poor soul – Same day at 11:00. Always as usual.

The Voice – I just give you today and tomorrow time, then you will ask the permission for my Minister to come, so you may reveal him what I have manifested to you these days.

16-11-1965 The poor soul – At church. 12 o’clock.
The soul ought to do her particular examination, but all of a sudden she is taken by something so mysterious and terrible that she is forced (for it seems as if she were drawn) to see the Rev. Mother Superior and ask her for the permission, otherwise she cannot keep peace… My God! What a situation, what a martyr, and what a fright! Not being able to control herself! Not knowing how to dominate herself!
The permission is granted and a certain peace enters again the soul. How much mystery surrounds the poor soul these days! Feeling to be caught in an impetuous current without understanding anything! May the good God assist me!


From eternity Jesus had prepared her so she might show to the world the marvels of the Holy Spirit.

18-11-1965 The poor soul – At church.
This morning my soul cannot follow Holy Mass even with the method I have followed for the last two years up to now. A different atmosphere, keeps her anxious, captive. Without being able to understand. At a time, without reflecting, she begins to shout from the depth of her heart: “My God, have mercy on me… I shall ruin everything, I shall ruin everything!”
“Lord, I beg you have pity on me!” In this state she goes to communion. Once back in her seat, she cannot do otherwise, for she’s doesn’t control herself yet, so she bends silently in adoration. Then the voice says:

The Voice – When you did not exist, I moulded you in my Love, when through the years, by your disloyalty, you ran away from my perfect Love… I waited for you… Now that you are all mine, if you allow me, it is still me who shall operate in you… You will be but a poor instrument whom I shall use to show to the world the marvels of the Holy Spirit, the Substantial Love who unites the Father and the Son in an eternal beatitude.

The poor soul – The soul remains, after this meeting, as if she is beside herself.