Chapter thirteen of the Book Divine Power of Love


Chapter thirteen of the Book Divine Power of Love


In the light and warmth of the Holy Spirit


For the first time the place is mentioned: from Loreto it will shine the new light which will enlighten all the earth… for the glorification of the Holy Spirit.

3-6-1966 The poor soul – Same day, 10:30.
The soul is in adoration before the Most Holy Sacrement exposed. What a day of mystery and of suffering!

The Voice – From Loreto the new light, which will irradiate all the earth, shall shine… it will warm by a new heat the hearts of men… in the glorification of the Holy Spirit. You will speak about that to my Minister and he shall confide the matter to that Most Excellent… as for you, you will remain hidden…

The poor soul – Same day, later in the evening.
The soul is plunged in the mystery. “Ah! My God, what do you want? Here am I, Lord!”

5-6-1966  The Voice – Men are in need of a new baptism in the light and the warmth of the Holy Spirit. And my heart is disposed to do so, provided my Church accepts to realise what I desire… You now know which road to follow… and you must follow it… even if it will be terribly dear. That was my intention when I chose you as my favourite of love.

5-6-1966 The poor soul – Morning of the feast of the Most Holy Trinity.
In my Holy Communion this morning I will put my soul under the seal of the Most Holy Trinity. I will remain forever fixed in it… to disappear for ever from myself… so that the beloved Son of the Father may do with me what He wants, in the inexpressible flames of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

6-6-1966 The poor soul – Afternoon: 15:30.
The poor creature is like swept in the current of mystery and torment. The only thought that nobody knows, even those who are nearest to me, what is going on in my soul since the feast of Pentecost and that only my Lord knows, gives me the strength to carry the enormous weight that has fallen on my whole being for all that has been announced to me that day! My God! Who will give me the strength to unveil such matters to the Holy Minister of God? And yet, I’m in such a need…!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me!

7-6-1966 The poor soul – In the early hours of morning.
The soul is caught all of a sudden.
“How great is the Most Holy Virgin Mary! The Holy Spirit has fallen upon Her, He has overshadowed her with his shadow and made of her the Mother of the Word of the Father… O divine action of the Holy Spirit, what divine changes You can operate in the creatures on which you descend! What prodigies of grace, light, transformation, what elating spasms of love flood the soul where you descend. What marvels of mysterious contacts, of intimate relationship you pour in the souls predestinated, since eternity, to enjoy and relish, in this way, the most beloved Only Begotten Son of the Father! O God! O Divine Spirit of the Father and the Son! my soul is tortured by You… help me… I’m in an extreme need! How I suffer these days for all that has happened in my soul the eve and the day of Pentecost!”

9-6-1966 The Voice – Well, this very day you will write an invitation to my Minister so you may tell him what I revealed to you on Pentecost day. That’s what I have very much at heart: that the Holy Spirit may be more honoured and more glorified… for, he is rightfully worthy of being loved since eternal centuries… May the Church accept my desire and do what’s necessary to put it soon in execution… for I assure her that a lot of good will come from it.
Oh! give this pleasure to my Heart, so passionately in love with men and so badly and little returned! Give me that pleasure… so that the souls animated by this new breath of grace give me this satisfaction and this love which I ardently desire and to which I have such a right; all this for the glory of the Father… for the glory of the three Persons.
The poor soul – “O Lord my God… may it be so! O Heart… O Divine Heart… Amen!”

13-6-1966 The poor soul – Morning. After Holy Communion.
The soul tells her Lord the pain she endured about what he has told her the day of Pentecost and the fear she has of having to report to the Holy Minister. Yet, she expresses all her fidelity. She is disposed to accept with all her heart all that he will ever want in the future. She receives no answer on this subject, but, suddenly she hears this:

The Voice – I have the intention of confirming all that I have revealed to you at Pentecost. You will tell my Minister that it is time to start the work… Then twice: my Heart is passionate with love for men… all of you help me to save them!


A sad call from Jesus: “Help me to save souls. Some day you’ll understand how great and how precious is a soul!”

14-6-1966 The poor soul – Morning: after Holy Communion. In the meditation.

The Voice – What I have revealed to you does persist… it is the love for men that leads me to do so. Help me to save them… they are the creation of my Father. Everything is to be tempted so as to reach them… Help me to save souls… you, my intimates, who can more readily understand me. Help me to save souls, they are a part of my Heart, give me this satisfaction… Someday you’ll understand how great and how precious a soul is. Nothing should be spared to save them. What I ask you now… is also for this need of my Heart… to save them…


To render a special cult to the Divine Eternal Spirit.

16-6-1966 The poor soul – Eve of the feast of the Sacred Heart. Late in the evening. The soul is strongly caught.
“Oh! terrible request of my God, how are you powerful… and in the same time, mysterious! But tell me… what more do you want of me? What must I do?”

The Voice – Give me your heart… men are persecuting me.

The poor soul – “O God, O Son of God… Jesus-Christ… I give my heart entirely to you… do what you want with it”.

The Voice – I repeat, no sacrifice should seem to you too great to reach what now I expect from you… nothing should be spared to give this satisfaction to my Heart… Oh! Listen to me… my Heart wishes it so much… what matters is the salvation of souls… the sanctification of many more souls… it matters to elevate this poor strayed humanity, gone so far down… it matters to give a new impulse of light and grace to the whole humanity… you know now what is the price and the means to obtain this… Oh! what great triumph of honour and glory will ensue for my Heart… if my Church, receiving my call, granted the homages of a special cult to the Divine Eternal Spirit, so well merited since all eternity.

The poor soul – Meeting untill midnight.

19-6-1966 The poor soul – At night 17:30 in the meditation.
The soul deep in the mystery.
“O my Lord, Jesus-Christ, infinite Eternal Love of my soul! What happens in me these days… I cannot understand anything! nor about the meeting with your Holy Minister, last Friday, feast of the Sacred-Heart… it’s not given to me yet to understand all the importance. Oh how I feel little… poor and even much worse… a vile nothing! But, what then happens in me? My God! My God! Save me from error and from illusion! And yet, I think I always say the truth… At least it seems things happen in this way in my soul… Help me… I beg You, and I promise You I shall be in Your most holy hands as an object of no value which You can dispose of as You want”.

The poor soul cries out: “Oh! how agreeable is Your presence after so many days of hard suffering!”

4-7-1966 The poor soul – Evening: 17:15. In the meditation.
“O Son of God! You are my love in the flames of the Holy Spirit! Oh! how agreeable is for me your Presence after so many days of hard suffering!
O divine elation of the Charity of God, I adore You, I adore You… I adore You!…”.
Interruption because of unforeseen arrival of the Holy Minister of God.

The pour soul – Evening: 17:15. In the meditation.
The soul is overwhelmed with joy.
“Oh, my adored Saviour, how good You are! But, what am I saying? I can’t, I’m not able to understand You enough! And yet I would cover You with love, joy, gratitude and eternal praises because of Your great merciful operations of unspeakable heavenly charity! The Heavens where the Father dwells, principle and end of all created beings… The Father… Your Father… joy of the Heaven and of the whole universe… The Father… to whom glory will ever be given with You and the Holy Spirit! Why, o my soul, why are not you yet elated with this divine tenderness of love?”
Where have I been driven at?